Laguardia Biasteri

Laguardia is built upon a hill (medieval defense fortification of the kingdom of Navarre, hence its name: "La Guardia de Navarra"). It is located in the heart of La Rioja Alavesa, 14 Kms from Logroño, 44 Kms from Vitoria, 115 Kms from Bilbao and 125 Kms from Burgos.

Its history is very rich and the imprints left by several civilizations modeled a town with peculiar cultural and geographical characteristics.

A town proud to be locked between walls, keeping its singular and unique treasure, the tempranillo wine, and expecting others to come and visit them and to enjoy with their habits and customs.

The most known and visited of the area are its famous wineries, such as Ysios, designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava, or the hotel of the winery Marqués de Riscal designed by Frank Gehry (architect responsible for the Guggenheim building in Bilbao). There are also the Campillo wineries of the "Faustino" family and medium sized and interesting wineries. But above all in the basement of Laguardia are the medieval cellars or "caves" as they are called here.

Laguardia also offers a summer swimmingpool, a good closed pelota court and one nearby golf course and great walks through the lake, the valley and the mountains.

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