The town of Laguardia

The town of Laguardia is built upon a hill (it was at a time a medieval fortification for the kingdom of Navarra, hence its name of "La Guardia de Navarra" or "The Guard of Navarra"). It's situated in the middle of the Rioja Alavesa, 14 Kms away from Logroño, 44 Kms from Vitoria, 115 Kms from Bilbao y 125 Kms from Burgos.

Its history is very rich, and the imprints left by several civilizations modeled a town with peculiar geographical and cultural characteristics.

A town proud to be locked behind walls, keeping its singular and unique treassure, the tempranillo wine, and expecting others to come and visit to enjoy their ways and customs.

The most known and visited part of this zone are its famous wineries, such as Ysios, whose building was designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava, or the prestigious Marqués de Riscal designed by Frank Gehry (the architect responsible of the project Guggenheim-Bilbao), not to forget the wineries Campillo of the family "Faustino" and other smaller (but not less interesting) wineries. But what is really notorious about wineries in Laguardia are the medieval subterrean caves underneath the whole city that can be visited, and that are called "cuevas" by the locals.

Laguardia also offers winter and summer swimmingpools, a large covered pelota court and three golf courses nearby as well as fantastic tours of the lake, the valley and the mountains.