Directions for those coming from Madrid, Barcelona, etc.

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  • For those driving on route AP-68, it's better if you take the exit number 10 (Cenicero) to avoid the traffic of Logroño. To enter Laguardia you must take the route A-124, that you can follow from the route A-3216 by taking it at the traffic circle right in front of the Hotel Villa de Laguardia. Near the Samaniego Highschool there's a fork in the road: bear left to follow the road called Cuesta de la Barbacana.
  • On this road we continue till the next fork: bear right following the walls until a door called Puerta de Páganos, in front of which we find a parking of sorts. Make a U turn then to take the Rua Mayor de Peralta, which is the road closer to the walls.
  • On this road we will find four towers in the walls. Erletxe is situated in between the third and the fourth tower.
  • Finally, to make it easier for you to recognize our house, here's a view of our entrance from the walls of Laguardia.